In the current, highly competitive corporate environment, it is crucial that an organisation’s leadership remains efficient; evolves with the company’s changing strategic positioning; and is constantly capable of delivering against their mandate.

Over time, executives’ roles and responsibilities may change, and it is imperative that their proficiency and thinking in this regard progresses too.

We offer a unique approach to executive assessments that draws on our combined experience spanning more than 60 years in conducting both technical and competency-based interviews.

We focus firmly on assessing our clients’ existing leadership and executive teams, and evaluating their competency in meeting the business’s current and future strategic objectives.

This enables our clients to make informed decisions around developing their leadership talent and succession planning at both individual and team level, ensuring a sustainable talent pipeline aligned to their broader strategic objectives.

We assist our clients with conceptualising and implementing strategies to optimise talent management, team effectiveness and the introduction of new executives to the business.