Private equity remains the darling of the investment world, with its long-term focus and excellent rates of return making it an attractive investment option.

However, while such favourable conditions have ensured much greater funds in the private equity pool, they have also radically reduced the number of sound investment opportunities available. The challenge now is to identify those private equity prospects that most advantageously balance risk with reward.

Not only do we have an acute understanding of this prevailing climate, particularly in the emerging markets, but also of the critical objective of private equity companies to extract maximum value and returns for their investors.

The need to generate and evaluate such opportunities, including in new markets, and to develop strategies that extract this value, driven by the right talent, remain crucial objectives for businesses operating in this space.

We are poised to assist our EMEA clients with these aspirations, no matter the size or scope of their businesses.

In addition, our business advisory team has extensive experience advising private equity clients who are looking to pursue new market opportunities within the emerging markets, prioritising growth strategies that are aligned with our clients’ core values.