Working together to keep girls in school in the Middle East and Africa

It’s no secret that the entire Beyond Borders Consulting team is deeply passionate about empowering people in the developing markets where we operate. Social upliftment specifically is close to our hearts, particularly in the area of advancing economic opportunities for women.

It’s within this context that we’re proud to launch our long-term community investment initiative to provide feminine hygiene products to school girls in the Middle East and Africa.

The University of Cambridge’s Elizabeth Tofaris, writing on behalf of the Impact Initiative for international development research, says less than half of girls in lower- and middle-income countries have access to basic feminine hygiene products.

This has far-reaching consequences on girls’ school attendance and as a result, their futures.

In her article on the issue, Oni Lusk-Stover, an Education Operations Officer in the Human Development Network of the World Bank Group, says a UNESCO report estimates that 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school during their monthly cycle. By some estimates, this equals as much as 20% of a given school year.

Consequently, such poor attendance has a significant impact on girls’ education, which the World Bank describes as ‘a strategic development priority’. Better educated women, it says, play a vital role in lifting households, communities and nations out of poverty.

We have seen first-hand, the effects in developing countries of girls not moving through the education system and into careers that contribute to the economic development of their country.

So, as an organisation fully committed to the advancement of women in the emerging markets, we have launched this initiative in the hope of making a tangible difference in the lives and futures of these school girls.

We would like to invite all our clients to join us in our endeavour, whether through donating feminine hygiene products, supplying these products at wholesale price, assisting with their distribution or contributing in any other way to this initiative.

We’d love to have you on board, and work together to effect positive and meaningful change in emerging market communities.

Get in touch with us here or contact your Beyond Borders Consulting senior advisor for further information or to discuss collaboration opportunities.

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