Growing market share in developing countries involves precise, strategic practice. Taking well-performing global brands, changing their packaging and employing local distributors seldom results in market success.

It is for this reason worldwide brands often look to mergers and acquisitions for market growth. However, it is imperative that companies have detailed data not only on their acquisition target’s corporate history, but on the brand’s reputation among consumers in the local market too.

It is not unusual for due diligence to produce clean company records, only for companies to later discover that the brands they have acquired have been linked to inferior products or services, or dubious practices.

More than just relying on simple research, our rigorous process involves tapping into our on-the-ground network and interrogating the market landscape to identify real opportunities and potential future sources of profit. From this we develop a list of appropriate targets and, following a robust pre-due diligence procedure, finally prioritise those targets most closely aligned with our clients’ values and growth strategies.

All our acquisition target identification services are discreetly undertaken to ensure confidentiality.