Running efficient operations in emerging countries can pose significant challenges, particularly when it comes to cost-effectively managing logistics and distribution along the supply chain.

While companies are familiar with modern trade routes, the informal and oftentimes traditional routes to market associated with developing countries can be complex and confusing.

Our highly skilled resources on the ground in these markets assist our clients in optimising operations through sound strategies that inform their approaches to manufacturing, the value chain, the entire supply chain and transportation.

We are able to both identify and evaluate potential distributors, as well as assess existing distribution partners, proposing strategies and implementing changes where necessary within current networks.

Our operations focus areas include:

Commercial strategy

  • Strategy and action plan development
  • Go-to-market design
  • High-impact sales team design

Distributor deployment

  • Selection and qualification
  • Capability assessment and building
  • Distribution/coverage model and action plan creation

Training and development

  • Performance management
  • Digital transformation for distributors