Given that highly saturated developed markets continue to face economic challenges, companies are increasingly looking towards the emerging markets to expand their operations and bolster revenues.

While these markets have played a key role in the histories of western multinationals, the most ambitious businesses are now investing in the sector’s more complex markets, such as Iran, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Here political and security issues make the operating environments that much more difficult to negotiate.

One of the challenges in countries where the route to market is more complex and fragmented than in the developed world is to identify the best distribution partners.

Middle Eastern and African markets comprise both modern and traditional trade channels, presenting a unique distribution challenge to businesses eyeing these markets. Ultimately companies may not choose to navigate these unchartered waters alone, and instead rely on local third party distributors.

Due to our extensive network and excellent reputation in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa – especially within the most complex territories in these regions – we are uniquely positioned to identify best-in-class distribution groups. These are companies that have a history of working in partnership with blue-chip multinationals to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Our highly experienced advisory team guides clients by not only identifying the most pertinent distribution partners, but also by conducting necessary due diligence in the distribution landscape. This includes undertaking in-depth market research and appropriate vetting exercises.

We are also proud to play a key role in structuring successful working relationships between our clients and these distribution groups.